Video game translation services

Video game translation services

In this article, we will discuss the video game translation services: what they consist of, what type of content is translated, and the requirements for such translation.

What does video game translation consist of?

When it comes to commercializing video games internationally, the help of translation agencies is required. Like any other product, video games must be translated while maintaining the essence of the original, as well as adapted to the audience of each country. Therefore, the ‚Äúlocalization‚ÄĚ process plays a very important role in this type of services. In other words, the translator must be able to adapt the product considering cultural and linguistic aspects. Not only that, but when dealing with video games, the translator must recreate the universe of each game faithfully. In this way, the translation can enhance the user‚Äôs gaming experience.

What type of content is usually translated?

Video game translators have several tasks besides translating. This includes working on all the elements necessary for a video game to be launched in another country. On the one hand, they must translate the audiovisual elements that make up the game, that is, all the content that appears on screen: menus, instructions, dialogue boxes, error messages, etc. On the other hand, they must translate all external communication media. This includes instructions, user manuals, game descriptions, product packaging, game advertising, etc. Normally, video games are translated into English, but they are also translated into Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese, among others.

Requirements for video game translation

As we mentioned before, a good video game translation is one that is adapted to the cultural aspects of the country. In fact, this factor is very important when translating video games, as they are mostly aimed at young audiences. A translation that is faithful to the game can be the key for it to have a greater or lesser demand. That is why translators, apart from translating, must be able to delve into the world of the game and be creative.Generally, professional translation agencies have native translators or translators specialized in video game translation services. This means that the localization process will be more detailed and the cultural adaptation will be much more complete. In fact, the key to being a good video game translator would be to be more faithful to the audience than to the original material. In this way, users will be able to identify with the characters and the universe of the game.

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