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Nowadays, sworn translations are in great demand.
Servicio de traducción jurada

A sworn translation is used to attest or certify that the contents of a translation are 100% faithful to the original.

We only work with sworn translators approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, since these types of documents are often presented to the authorities or official bodies of each country. Countries where a language other than the one in the original text is spoken.

Contact us if you need a sworn translation of documents:


Census or civil registry certificate. Notarial and expert documents. University degrees. Birth, death or marriage certificate. Certificate of bachelorhood – marital status. Contracts, accounting reports, court rulings and visa documentation.
Examples of translations that normally need to be certified by a sworn translator:


Delivery terms. Purchase agreements. Subpoenas.
Partnership minutes. Employment contracts. Solvency statements.
Birth certificates. Retirement contracts. Wills.
Death certificates. Wills. Extracts from the Commercial Registry.
Diplomas. Lien petitions. Marriage certificates.
Official reports. Warranty statements. Adoption records.
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Visit our profiles on FacebookInstagram and Linkedin.


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