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In a globalised and multicultural world, general translation services are becoming increasingly important. We live in a society in which communication and exchange between different countries and cultures is becoming more and more frequent.

General translation is not an easy task and requires advanced linguistic and cultural skills.  In addition to knowing other languages, it is necessary to have an in-depth understanding of the differences between the various aspects of each country. At Translinguo we have professionals specialised in general translation and today, we would like to share with you their opinions on this service.

Characteristics of general translation

General translation focuses on texts which do not belong to a specific field or area. The following are some of the main characteristics of general translation:

  • Wide range of texts: General translation covers a wide range of texts, from personal documents to business reports.
  • Contextualisation: the context in which the original text takes place conditions the general translation. The context may include cultural, historical, political, and other elements.
  • Use of colloquial language: General translation involves working with colloquial language. This means that the translator must be able to capture the nuances and subtleties of spoken language.
  • Cultural adaptation: General translation also involves cultural adaptation. That is, the translator must be able to understand and adequately convey the cultural expressions and references of each text.
  • Accuracy and consistency: It is essential for general translation to be accurate and consistent in terms of grammar, syntax, spelling and style. In addition, it must be faithful to the original message, but easily understandable to the reader in the target language.

What are the types of general translation?

The types of general translation can be classified according to the type of text being translated, such as literature, technology or business. They can also be classified according to the format in which the content is presented, such as websites or audiovisual media. Each type of translation requires specific skills and specialised knowledge to achieve an accurate and effective translation.

Differences between general and specialised translation

General translation refers to the translation of documents that are not related to a specific field. Its focus is on understanding the content and communicating the message effectively in the target language.

Specialised translation, on the other hand, delimits a specific field of knowledge, such as medicine, technology, engineering, law, and IT, among others. Its focus is on understanding the technical content of a text, as well as on terminological precision.

How is a general translation carried out?

General translation follows certain steps and requirements to achieve an effective communication of the message in the target language. Thus, it involves several criteria which define an effective transfer of the original message. These are the understanding of the source text, selection of the appropriate approach, translation of the text, and final revision.

Steps to guide the general translation process

Here are some steps that can help guide the process of general translation:

  1. Understanding the source text: Reading and understanding the source text. It is important to identify the key points and the general structure of the text in order to reflect them in the translation.
  2. Selecting the translation approach: The translation can be literal or free. In the first case, words are translated one by one. In the latter, words are adapted into the target language. To choose the appropriate translation approach, the purpose of the text and the target audience must be taken into account.
  3. Translation of the text: At this stage, it is important to use appropriate vocabulary, maintain coherence and cohesion, and adapt idiomatic expressions.
  4. Proofreading and editing: Correcting any errors and ensuring that the translation is effective in communicating the message of the original text.

In short, general translation services are an essential resource for effective communication in today’s world. At Translinguo we have a team of highly qualified translators with the research and analysis skills necessary for a good translation. So if you are looking for a general translation company, you’ve come to the right place.

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