«The success of a company is the result of combining the team’s specific knowledge, effort, vision, and perseverance.”» David López Jiménez
David López Juménez
David López Jiménez

CEO & Managing Director
Graduated in Modern Languages Applied to Translation by the University of Alcalá. His area of expertise is project management and the development of translation companies. He has over 8 years of experience as a translator in the pharmaceutical sector, as well as in the localization and documentation of imports and exports. His professional career has been focused on the management of translation projects, business administration, and strategic development for SMEs going through globalization processes. Nowadays, he is in charge of project coordination, strategic marketing and networking development for entrepreneurs. His passion is travelling and teaching others to reach their innate potential as an entrepreneur

Dr. Mauro Cozzolino
Mauro Cozzolino

Co-founder, Expert & scientist.
Surgeon specialized in Gynecology by the University of Florence, Italy. Today, he works as a researcher in the field of Human Reproduction at the Yale School of Medicine, U.S. He takes part in scientific-technical reviews, quoting, and works on specific terminology for scientific writing and translation. He also plays a fundamental role in the strategic development of Translinguo Global® in the U.S. and Italy. The level of experience and specific knowledge of our team is vital in carrying out projects with great value and terminological precision.

equipo translinguo Roberto F. Suárez
Roberto F. Suárez

Departamento de Administración y Marketing.
Graduated in Information Technology (IT) at the Polytechnic School of Information Technology of Havana (Cuba). During his career, he has conducted various training courses for the Young Computer and Electronics Club of Havana (Windows, Office, Adobe Package, Web Design and Programming). Likewise, he is certified in Marketing and Business Management by the Federation of Cuban Women. Ultimately, his vocation is digital marketing, and as such he has trained in Digital Competencies of Google Activate and SEO consulting.

Roberto Di Croce

Project & Vendor Manager
Graduated in Translation and Interpreting and expert in Translation, Localization and Audiovisual Translation by the University Alfonso X el Sabio. Translator and proofreader for English, French and Italian to Spanish and Spanish proofreader. Motivated, flexible, perfectionist and diligent. He undeniably stands out for being determined, responsible and having a strong work ethic. Expert in computer-assisted translation tools, such as SDL Trados Studio 2017 and MemoQ. Currently, he is the translator and sales manager for Translinguo Global®.

Stefanía Ramírez

Community & Global Marketing Strategy Manager
Social communicator and journalist with special emphasis on communication management from the Externado University of Colombia, and a master’s degree in Audiovisual Communication for the Digital Era of the Complutense University of Madrid. She holds expertise and experience in preproduction, production and audiovisual postproduction, webpage administration, digital journalism, and marketing, as well as in diagnoses and strategies in communication. In addition, she has experience in Transmedia Communication and Community Management.

Stella Jiménez Valencia

Associate, mentor & life coach
Persistence, positivity and a great sense of humor stand out as her most outstanding qualities. She is an intrapersonal therapist and business coach. After years in business, she discovered that her vocation was to help people overcome trauma and to better focus on goals, and on purposes to effectively address the challenges and limits of the mind. She is trained in family constellations, kinesiology, reiki, coaching, synchronization of hemispheres to remove unlocks and fears, and Pythagorean numerology. Today, she helps the administrative and sales team achieve goals, generate team synergy, and encourage a smooth work environment. At Translinguo Global® we believe that the company's growth is based on the growth of our team members.




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