Norwegian translation

Norwegian translation

Being a Nordic language, Norwegian translation proves to be a curious task, especially when translating into Romance languages such as Spanish. This is due to the fact that there is little similarity between the languages. We will look at these differences in detail below.

The importance of Norwegian translation in Spain

A few years ago, Spain experienced a considerable influx of Norwegians into the country. This meant an increase in demand for services from Norwegians. Generally, these services are provided in Spanish, which meant that an increase in Norwegian translation was needed.

What happened was that this growth in the Norwegian population caught the country unprepared. This meant that there were not enough Norwegian translators to meet the demand at the time.

Nowadays, thanks to globalisation and the connection via telematics, this problem has an easy solution. There are already many companies offering Norwegian translation services remotely, including ours.

Translinguo Global® is one of the agencies in the Norwegian translation market that has participated in the expansion of the phenomenon. What at the beginning had hardly any professionals to perform the task now has experienced workers who will facilitate accurate and effective communication.

Our task is to continue to thrive in Norwegian translation and work to provide the best possible service so that Norwegian will no longer be a language barrier.

Norwegian in Spain

According to the most recent data, there are already a total of 12,313 Norwegians living in Spain. Most of the Norwegian population is located in coastal areas such as Alicante, Malaga or Las Palmas. In addition to their habitual residence, the Nordic population frequents our country for its sun and beach tourism, but Norway is also important at a political level.

Given this situation, we offer a Norwegian translation service that is indispensable, not only for communication purposes but also as a way of strengthening the relationship between both countries.

Norwegian characteristics

Nordic uses the same Latin alphabet, together with three more letters, Æ, ø and Å. Some of the characteristics of this language are the following:

  • Norwegian has two forms of writing – Bokmål and Nynorsk.;
  • much of its vocabulary can be traced back to Old Norse;
  • it shares gender classification with the Indo-European languages;
  • its pronouns are declined by cases like German. The cases are nominative and accusative.

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