Legal Translation Services

Legal translation services

Lawyers may have to interpret legal documents written in another language, or communicate with clients from other countries. This is why they need legal translation services. In this article we will discuss various aspects of these services: what they consist of, the two types of legal translation services, what they can translate, and examples of such services.

What do legal translation services consist of?

As with all translations, legal translation consists of translating from one language into another. However, the difference is that translations of legal documents are carried out. These documents can be public (official documents from public bodies) or private (documents from individuals or companies).

Legal translation is often quite complex, as the documents being translated contain legal language. Therefore, a professional translator specialised in this field will always be needed.

Types of legal translation services

Another feature of legal translation is that we can distinguish between two types of translation: standard translation and legal translation. On the one hand, the main characteristic of sworn translation is that it must be done by a sworn translator. This sworn translator must also be recognised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation.

On the other hand, the standard translation is not required to be performed by a professional sworn translator recognised by the Ministry. In other words, standard translation is not carried out when translating documents for a public body. However, it is required to have the same translation quality, just like sworn translation.

What do legal translators translate?

In general, any document drafted by a legal professional should be translated by a professional legal translator. Since the legal language is very complex, translators specialised in this type of text are needed. At Translinguo Global® we have plenty of such professionals.

Some documents that can be translated by professionals specialised in the legal field are labour documentation, wills, and insurance policies. They can also carry out translations of powers of attorney and deeds, foreign regulations and legislation, and corporate deeds and bylaws.

Examples of legal translation services

Legal translation requires a great deal of specialised knowledge in the field on the part of the translator. Not only that, but they must adapt the translation so that it is fully faithful to the original. As the legal field is very broad, legal translators usually specialise in a particular type of law.

In short, professional translation services specialised in the legal field will provide a quality translation. This is because legal translators are proficient in legal terminology, as well as in the industry and its language. The services of professional legal translators are a must, as a wrong translation in this field can have consequences.

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