Greek translation

Greek translation
  • Perhaps it is not such a good idea to rely on the remnants of those fable translations we did in high school. However, if you are interested in learning something about this long-lived language, here are some facts:
  • This language is four thousand years old and has gone through five distinct linguistic phases. These phases are Mycenaean Greek, Classical Greek, Koine Greek, Medieval Greek and Modern Greek.
  • The writing system was polytonic in all of those phases, which means that there were grave, acute and circumflex accents and iota subscripts, among other things. The monotonic writing system has been used only in the last 40 years of its history.
  • Spanish is full of Hellenisms, which are words from Greek adapted to our language, being constantly used. Some of them are: “comedia”, “arcaico”, “neologismo”, “pat√©tico” or “tr√≠pode”.
  • Greek only has five vowels, which are also practically the same as those in Spanish.
  • This language is used as a basis for the creation of neologisms. For example, “homophobia” is formed by the Greek word “homos” (same or similar) and “phobos” (fear).

If you are interested in this language because you want to learn it and maybe even become a Greek translator, there are many factors that make it a very useful working language.

The Greek translation market

To begin with, Greek is one of the official languages of the European Union. This organization produces a large number of legal, economic, scientific and institutional texts that are translated into its official languages. Outside the European Union, there are also interesting niche markets: tourism and the shipping trade. As a country that is practically on the sea, it hosts many commercial operations for the Eastern Mediterranean and Southeast Europe. In addition, the Greek fleet is the most important trading bridge between Europe, Africa, and Asia.Its large peninsula and more than a thousand islands are home to some of the most important historical heritage in the world. The great Greek civilization has left us not only culture, science and knowledge, but also remains of art and ruins all over this immense country. Its pleasant climate and its heritage attract millions of tourists from all over the world, which is why this sector needs translators from all countries.

Greek translation quote

Finally, let’s talk about prices. If you are interested in knowing what you are going to pay or what you should charge for a Greek translation, you should know that the price ranges from ‚ā¨0.09 to ‚ā¨0.16 per word (excluding VAT). In this range, sworn translation marks the highest price to pay for Greek translation services.Visit our profiles on Facebook, Instagram y Linkedin

Visit our profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.


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