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The importance of Catalan and its translation

Catalan translation, either from or to, is highly valued and has gradually made its way in this professional field. It’s one of the most requested languages nationally and internationally, due to its strong economic and cultural presence, and its interest in the independence of Catalonia. It’s a language spoken by 80 million people, one of the four official languages of Spain and the official language of Andorra.At TRANSLINGUO GLOBAL we want to make sure that we offer our clients the security of receiving an accurate Catalan translation that allows an appropriate communication between the sender and the receiver.We are a translation company of Catalan with a professional, qualified and specialized team that will offer our clients a top-quality service. We are aware of the value of a good interpretation of the message.

Catalonia, economic and cultural engine

Undoubtedly, Catalonia has been one of the main economic and cultural engines of Spain. The innovation and implementation of cultural plans have turned Catalonia into a necessary axis for Spain.It has also been the birthplace of famous personalities such as Salvador Dalí, Pau Casals or Ana María Matute.Therefore, Catalan translation has been an indispensable tool to transmit this culture to the rest of the non-Catalan-speaking population, reason why the need for a Catalan translation company like ours is visible.

History of the Catalan translation

In the words of the Spanish diplomat Ramón Lladó, “the Catalan culture has almost always been a culture of translations.” Already in medieval times, the phenomenon of translation between Spanish and Catalan took place as a form of cultural exchange.One of the most complicated stages for Catalan translation was the Franco regime. After the Francoist victory, many Catalans had to leave the country and Catalan was banned. Despite these difficulties, many Catalan translators continued with the arduous task of translating and surviving.The goal of a Catalan translation company like TRANSLINGUO GLOBAL is to continue offering this historical service and to continue breaking down borders between different languages and tongues in order to achieve an unhindered global communication.Visit our profiles in Facebook, Instagram y Linkedin

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