Architectural and construction translation services

Architectural and construction translation services

Architecture and construction are elements that have accompanied mankind since the beginning of its existence. This is why it is so important to have architectural and construction translation services like those available at Translinguo Global®.

Difference between architectural and construction translation

We believe that it is important to contextualise and differentiate these two disciplines in order to be able to approach them later in translation. First, we will provide a definition of architecture and construction. Subsequently, we will explain the characteristics of both fields of translation. All of this will be useful in order to clarify the focus of architectural and construction translation services.

Architecture is the art of designing and constructing, mainly, buildings. Architecture is characterised by being a point where different historical or social periods converge. It could be said that architecture is a reflection of the changes that society undergoes.

The fact that architecture is composed of so many elements makes it a challenge to translate.

Construction is limited to the act of building but without the purpose of delighting those who enjoy it. This is the main difference between the two disciplines, since architecture does seek to delight. Construction arose before architecture, specifically, 17,500 years ago. Therefore, we can say that architecture is a type of construction that has undergone a metamorphosis.

Although both services are offered jointly at Translinguo Global®, in the following section they will be presented separately.

Architectural translation services

The architectural translation services are responsible for texts such as the following:

  • Descriptions of an architectural construction for tourism purposes;
  • Different articles on architectural movements or works;
  • Architectural projects with annotations made by the architect themselves;
  • Academic publications from other disciplines in which architectural aspects are mentioned.

Although at first glance it may appear to be a general field, architectural translation requires very specialised knowledge. For example, it is necessary to know how to situate oneself correctly in the periods and artistic movements that are described. You must also be familiar with the names of the elements or parts that make up an architectural structure.

Construction translation services

The range of texts that may require construction translation services in the field is wider than that of architecture. This is due to the fact that construction involves the use of various materials, machinery and tools that may come from abroad. Therefore, some of the most common types of texts that need to be translated are;

  • Operating instructions for machinery (cranes, excavators or drills);
  • Tool assembly instructions (radials or laser levels);
  • Instructions for preparation of construction materials (cement, plaster, Pegoland).

However, beyond the pure act of building, construction translation services may also include other texts. We refer to documents such as the following:

  • construction licences, located halfway between construction and legal translation;
  • general plans with notes on the construction to be carried out;
  • budget sheets;
  • technical reports of the project.

As we have seen, translation for architecture and construction is a specialised discipline. Therefore, if we want architectural and construction translation services that guarantee good practice, we must turn to a professional. This is what is offered by companies such as Translinguo Global®, where professionalism comes first.

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