Translation company in Spain

Translation company in Spain

Translation company in Spain

. Nowadays, every company needs a translation service, either because they buy their raw materials or resources from companies in other countries, or because they decide to internationalize. In both cases, if a good translation service is not available, there can be major problems caused by language barriers. This is where Translinguo Global® can help.

Firstly, problems that may arise include misunderstandings with orders, delays in payments and deliveries, and many others. Secondly, problems can have more serious consequences for the company and lead to large financial losses. For this reason, our translation company in Spain will prevent your company from suffering these consequences.

Why use a translation company in Spain?

Our translation company in Spain is supported by a team of translators who are native speakers of the target languages. Unlike other translation service providers, we believe this is essential for delivering the highest quality work. A native translator will know which expressions are the most fluent and coherent, as well as knowing how to remain faithful to the original text. The cultural bond that a native speaker possesses will also avoid creating awkward cultural gaps between your original product and the one you want to sell to a new audience. These details are what distinguish a high quality translation from a less professional one.

Why in Spain?

Spain is one of the world’s leading tourist destinations; in fact, it is in the top three most visited countries in the world. It also has a highly developed service sector infrastructure.

This developed tourism landscape makes translation services indispensable. Establishments which require translation range from museums, which must have audio guides in all possible languages, to restaurants, which must have menus in every language. Everyone needs a good translation service, and English alone is not enough.

What we offer in our services

Our translation company in Spain guarantees a personalized treatment and punctuality in delivery times. We always maintain close communication with our clients to meet their needs and maintain the highest quality of service. Additionally, we offer our multilingual services in several areas of translation:

  • General advertising, journalistic texts, etc.;
  • Webpages;
  • Localisation;
  • Sworn translation;
  • Specified translation, especially in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

In our agency we have a team of well-trained translators with the research and analysis skills necessary for a good translation. Therefore, if you are looking for a translation company, you are in the right place at the right time.
Our job is to ensure your satisfaction, which is why at Translinguo we want the best for you! Do not hesitate to contact us and you will receive the treatment you deserve, we will advise you and accompany you throughout the process of the translation service you choose!
We ensure the professionalism of our translators and proofreaders. Native and specialized translators. We have a team of translators distributed throughout the world, which allows us to offer specialized translation services in any time zone. Therefore, we can say that we work 24/7.
For us, meeting the agreed upon deadlines and maintaining discretion are fundamentally important. Consequently, we comply at all times with the RGPD, and we put all our means at your disposal to fulfill what we promise.
If you want to position your company within the Spanish market or project it beyond, trust us and our services. We assure you quality – you will not regret choosing us!

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