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Danish translation and its importance

Danish is a Nordic language, derived from the Germanic languages. It is the official language of Denmark, and is spoken by 6 million people, so it is not among the largest languages in the world.

It is also spoken in other territories, such as the Faroe Islands, where it is a co-official language. It is also spoken in Greenland, Iceland and a small part of northern Germany, although not officially.

Denmark is made up of numerous islands, and this leads to the creation of dialects within the territory. The most prominent are sjællandsk, jysk, bornholmsk and fynsk; the standard dialect in Denmark, and the most common in Danish translation, is called rigsdansk (meaning “Kingdom Danish”).


Danish culture and economics

Denmark is the seventh richest country in the world, with a market economy and, in 2020, an unemployment rate of only 5.6%. In the European Union, it is the leading country in wind power electricity production.

One interesting fact is that this country, along with others, is establishing plans to eliminate the use of cash. Some 75 % of payments are already made by card, since many establishments do not accept cash.

From this country came such famous figures as Hans Christian Andersen, the writer of The Little Mermaid and The Ugly Duckling; Søren Kierkegaard, the philosopher considered the father of existentialism; and Karen Blixen, the writer of the book Memoirs of Africa.

Danish translation has been important to give a wider platform to these famous works that we all know.

Danish translation

Danish is not as widespread worldwide, so it is not as common a language as English, Chinese or Spanish.

When looking for Danish translators, a lower number of possibilities is to be expected, which is why these types of translations have a higher rate. The price per word at Translinguo Global® is around €0.15, but, as in all languages, it depends on the speciality the translator is dealing with. If it is a “standard” text, the price remains the same; however, if we are talking about scientific, technical or sworn texts, the price will increase.

Spain is one of Denmark’s supplier countries. It supplies the country with products such as fruit, vegetables and mechanical appliances and tractors. In this context, we can deduce that among the most frequent translations are topics such as vehicle technology, food, regulations, agreements or contracts.

It should not be forgotten that agriculture plays a very important role in Denmark, as it does in Spain. That is why we can also find translations of agreements between farmers and companies in both countries. Even interpreting may be required in meetings between companies that require agricultural products that your country cannot offer.

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