Turkish Translation

Turkish translation

The features and importance of Turkish translation

We have mentioned that Turkish shares an alphabet with Spanish, but it has some peculiarities. For example, in the Turkish alphabet we will not find the Q, W or X. In addition, letters such as C or S add a cedilla, as in French.

One of the features that also stands out in the Turkish language is the harmony of the language. This is achieved thanks to the combination of the different consonants and vowels.

If we continue our journey along the path of Turkish, we discover that it is closer to us than we thought. As is the case with Anglicisms, Spanish has also borrowed some words from Turkish.

This is the case of words like “café”, which comes from the Turkish word “kahve”, or “quiosco”, from the Turkish word “köšk”.

With over 80 million speakers, the Turkish language has a high level of importance. In addition to this, Turkey’s plays a very important role at the European level. Contact between the other European languages and Turkey may have to be in Turkish.

This is where Turkish translation comes into play. Being able to guarantee communication in the native language of the country can be a positive asset for negotiations.

Turkish translation market in Spain

The relationship between Spain and Turkey enjoys a balance in different areas such as trade and politics. In the commercial sphere, Spain has to be able to count on the possibility of translation of its own documents.

Given the strong ties between the two countries, it is essential to have a good Turkish translation base. The main sectors to be covered in Turkish translation into Spanish are that of import and export.

The relations between the two countries date back to 1783, but it was not until 1954 when the first translation from Turkish was published. The translator was Halide Edip Adivar, who stands out together with Soliman Salom. The latter is known for his poetry anthology.

Currently, the market is also expanding into the audiovisual field, given the boom of Turkish series in Spain. Well-known Turkish titles such as Woman or My Daughter have been translated and dubbed into Spanish.

However, this is not the only phenomenon that has crossed borders and reached Spain. Another is the case of the famous hair implants performed in Turkey, which have attracted so much public attention.

After all, we are in a world that is in constant change and contact. This means that certain services, such as those mentioned above, reach different countries. In order to ensure a good reception of all of them, the most appropriate thing to do is to translate them into Turkish.

In this way, Translinguo Global® contributes to the commercial and cultural exchange that nourishes the different cultures of the world.

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