Translation services for large volumes of information

Translation services for large volumes of information

Freelancer or translation agency?

When choosing translation services for large volumes of information, a translation agency is recommended over a freelancer. Translation agencies have several subcontracted translators with whom they can divide the work and meet deadlines. In addition, they have the means to carry out revisions and even typesetting if needed. For the freelance translator, on the other hand, this would be too much workload as the average speed is 2000-3000 words per day.

In addition to needing ad hoc translations, some companies may also require more complex processes such as managing preparation, translation, proofreading, quality control and terminology management. For this purpose, they contact professional translators, whether they are freelance translators or translation agencies.

Translation services for large accounts and budgets

Large accounts are those firms that have a constant flow of documents to be translated. For this purpose, they usually contact agencies who provide translation services for large volumes of information in order to manage these projects. Companies may have offices in other countries and therefore will have a continuous flow of communication that needs to be translated.

When quoting for this type of translation, the exact number of words is not taken into account. If the flow of work is constant, an annual quotation is made and paid to Translinguo Global® by the company. Several factors must be taken into account in the quotation. Format conversion is an addition to the budget as it takes time, effort and resources to obtain the optimal format. The language combination must also be taken into account: whether translations are in several languages and how common those languages are. In turn, the terminology and the specialty of the documents also add to the cost.

Management and CAT tools

In order to optimally fulfil the client’s project mentioned above, deadlines must be set for each document. In this way, the company will be able to receive a quality translation. At the same time, the company must put the documents into context for the agency in order to avoid possible double meanings.

CAT tools are a great help in dealing with large volumes of information. When providing translation services for large volumes of information, several translators are involved and each one has a different way of expression. The CAT tool allows you to create glossaries and add translation memories that help to unify the information. In this way, the translation would have coherence and cohesion. In addition, if the same word or structure is repeated several times, the company will save on translation costs.

In conclusion, companies can count on translation agencies because they can cope with this workload.

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