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Japanese has nothing to do with Chinese, since they don’t belong to the same linguistic family. It is only related with the families of Altaic languages, such as Turkish, Mongolian or Korean. In fact, it doesn’t have any direct source language. Therefore, it is considered one of the most unique languages in the world. The Japanese language is spoken by, approximately, 150 million people. A fun fact about Japanese is that it’s the language spoken the fastest. At the same time, it’s the one that less information provides per second.It is believed that this language was born on the year 40,000 b. C. It was translation orally, when the villagers who spoke Japanese resided in the Caribbean archipelago. Nevertheless, from IV century a. C., it was the Chinese buddhist monks who developed the Japanese writing.

Problems that complicate the translation of Japanese

Japanese presents many different difficulties, i.e. its complexity. On the one hand, the Japanese language doesn’t have articles. In fact, the Japanese do not differentiate between “a” and “some”, for example. Unlike most languages, in Japanese you have to learn several words if you want to speak in a formal way.Japanese is an agglutinating language (like Hungarian). In other words, it forms grammatical sentences by joining several elements into a single word, which have a fixed situation. Unlike Spanish, there is no alphabet as such in Japanese. It consists of two syllabaries and thousands of ideographs (Chinese letters). The study of Japanese requires a lot of dedication and patience.

Translation services that agencies provide

Requesting Japanese translation services can ensure the international growth of your business. For example, Spain is visited by more than 200,000 Japanese tourists. Therefore, Spanish businesses related to tourism are quite successful. That said, translating your company’s content into Japanese can benefit you.When translating, you want to achieve a fluent and coherent text that is effective and accurate. This way, the message will be conveyed convincingly to customers. However, this requires the help of someone who knows the language and its culture. Therefore, translating into Japanese requires native translators and professionals who specialize in the language. The aim of the translation is to convey the essence of the message, taking into account the culture of the language.All type of texts can be translated into Japanese, including subtitles. The services that translation agencies often provide are: translation of websites, applications, leaflets, catalogues, and advertisements, among others.Visit our profiles in Facebook, Instagram y Linkedin

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