Software translation services

Servicios de traducción software

We offer software translation services, including translation of the user interface, localization, online help, user manuals and technical documentation.

Software translation services

Today, more and more companies are using new technologies as a means of direct contact with their customers. However, language differences can be a problem when approaching the international market.

In order to overcome this obstacle, the figure of the software translator. Here’s everything you need to know about the software translation.

Software translation company

Software is the set of programs and instructions that tell the computer how to perform certain tasks. Therefore, the software translation consists of translating the contents that enable the operation of computer programs.

Nowadays, software software translation is a growing branch of translation. Websites and apps are key elements in any company. The translation of these contents will allow you to reach customers in other countries more easily.

However, carrying out this type of translation is a complex process. The software translation has some particularities that differentiate it from other modalities.

The main difficulty for the software translator is to keep the code intact. Any alteration affects the operation of the software, so it is important to distinguish between translatable content and code. Thus, the translation will not interfere with the activity of the software.

Another fundamental aspect is the adaptation of the software to the target market. The software translator not only translate the content, but also adapt it to the target audience. To do so, it must take into account the particularities of each market.

For these reasons, the software translation requires experienced professionals. At Translinguo we have an extensive team of software translators who will help you carry out your project.

Types of Software Translations

There are several types of software translation. The most common are the following:

  • Translation of the user interface

Translation of the elements that make up the user interface. This includes menus, buttons, pop-up windows, dialogs, error messages and other text.

  • Software localization

Adaptation of the software to a specific market or region, taking into account cultural and linguistic differences. Some elements to consider are date and time formats, units of measurement and currency, among others.

  • Online help translation

Translation of help texts or user documentation. These texts can be found online or in the software itself.

  • Translation of user manuals

Translation of the manuals detailing how to use the software.

  • Translation of technical documentation

Technical documentation includes installation manuals, configuration guides, release notes and other technical documents.

Frequently asked questions about software translation

  • What are the benefits of software translation to my business?

The software translation is indispensable in every company. Adapting content to other languages and cultures makes it more accessible. It also allows the user to manage it more easily, which ultimately benefits the business. Therefore, offering multilingual solutions to your customers is a sure guarantee of success.

  • What should I consider when choosing a software translation company? software translation company?

When choosing a software translation software translation company The most important thing is to have experienced professionals. At Translinguo, we have the necessary know-how and experience. This makes us one of the software translation companies translation companies in Spain.

In conclusion, the software translation is an aspect that every company should take into account. It will bring great advantages to your business and help you to internationalize your project. If you want to know more about our services of software translationcontact us. We are here to answer your questions.

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