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A German translation company is of special importance as it is one of the most demanded languages. Germany is a world power and German is the tenth most spoken language in the world, with a total of 185 million speakers.

For this reason, at TRANSLINGUO GLOBALLĀ® we are aware of the importance of offering a professional, high quality service that is faithful to the original text, in which attention is paid to every detail and no content is lost in the translation process.

As a German translation company, we pay attention to the many challenging details when dealing with German interpretation and ensure that one of the professional and specialised German translators in our team will achieve a fluent and clear communication.

40% of Germany’s GDP comes from exports. For this reason, it is not surprising that the most demanded specialities in German translation are economic, legal and sworn. The latter is also very important because Germany is a very bureaucratic country. We therefore stress the importance of having specialised translators on the staff of a German translation company.

German translation quote

The most common way of calculating the quote for aĀ translationĀ is to count the number of words and multiply it by the price. German, however, synthesizes many words into one word. This results in a word count difference of almost 30%.

One of the solutions we adopt in our German translation company is to count by number of characters per line. In this way we find the most equitable solution when calculating the quote for aĀ German translation.

In addition, when calculating the quote, several factors must be taken into account. These are theĀ speciality, urgency, volume and status of the original document, among others.

German translation issues

When translating into German, one of the obstacles we face in a German translation company is the different dialects that exist. Another problem is the evident difference in terms, with words of up to 67 letters, and words that synthesise more than one word in a single word that make German translation difficult.

In addition, we are facing a demanding clientele that demands that translation agencies in their native language comply with the ISO-17100 standard, since they perform a large number of exports.

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