Fashion and beauty translation services

Servicios de traducción de moda y belleza

In this article we will talk about the fashion and beauty translation services available at Translinguo Global®: what they are, why to use them, and examples of them.

What do fashion and beauty translation services consist of?

Although the fashion industry has its own “universal language”, it needs translation in order to survive. For every company, it is important to market fashion and beauty products in different languages. In this way, the products will reach more people and the given company will have more consumers. Such translations cannot be done without taking into account the cultural context of the customers.

The process translators go through to produce a good translation is called “localisation”. Generally, localisation consists of adapting a product by considering not only the target audience, but also certain cultural values. It should also be mentioned that professional translators should be used for this type of translation. Since not everyone is aware of the concept of localisation when translating, professional help is needed.

Reasons to use fashion and beauty translation services

As mentioned above, it is essential that fashion and beauty translations are done by a professional. There are several reasons for this statement. First of all, fashion translation requires in-depth knowledge of both the language and the culture. In addition, there are many foreign customers who would not have enough trust to buy from a poorly translated website. A customer will probably not feel confident to buy a product if they can tell it has been translated by an automatic translator.

Secondly, localisation plays a very important role in translation. Through localisation, the content of the product will be adapted to perfection, as the language and culture are taken into account. Needless to say, this process is impossible to be carried out by an automatic translator and requires human experts.

Examples of fashion and beauty translation services

Agencies or translators specialised in fashion and beauty translation, such as Translinguo Global®, should be sought, as this will result in a translation that is faithful to the product. In order to make known translation services for fashion and beauty, several examples will be mentioned.

The first factor is that the agency has native and specialised translators. This will make it easier for them to localise the product. Secondly, in order for your product to be positioned in search engines, the agency should have SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) knowledge. With this expertise they will know how to effectively optimise the content of your product.

Even if a given fashion company is located in one country, it has to adapt to other cultures. This is because the fashion industry is global, so it has an international demand. As the fashion and beauty sectors have an international demand, they must leave their translations in the hands of professionals.

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