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Mandarin Chinese is the official and vehicular language throughout the country with 836 million speakers. Mandarin Chinese is not to be confused with Simplified Chinese.
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Chinese translation – a growing market

Considering the progress of globalisation, it could be said that China’s growth rate is increasing. China is a competitive country in a global business and economic landscape. With the advancement of this country, Spain is becoming increasingly tied to China and these relations, generally through business, have originated many needs in terms of trading and business between the two countries.

When the need arises to mediate commercial agreements between the two countries, translation is necessary and, therefore, so is a Chinese translation company that ensures a specialised and professional service such as the one we offer.

The transactions that take place between China and Spain are very important at an economic level. In view of the importance of these transactions, translation orders must be handled with the utmost care and by qualified professionals in Asian languages in this field, such as the team of our Chinese translation company at Translinguo Global®.

In addition, tourism is another approach to be taken into account, which is why the existence of a Chinese translation company is so important. At Translinguo Global® we want to facilitate the communicative exchange with the Chinese population and the large number of tourists that visit our country.

In this way, the work carried out by our Chinese translation company will be the ideal tool to strengthen relations with a world power like China.


Will Chinese be the language of the future?

Language translation makes communication between various languages and cultures possible. Since the U.S. is the number one world power, English is the most spoken vehicular language worldwide.

In technology, English is ahead of Chinese because inventions are based in English. Moreover, all technology and its terminology is usually in English including terms that are not translated. Even if China advances as a powerhouse, it does not mean that Chinese will be the new official language. In general, vehicular languages linked to overseas empires have usually been at the forefront. This is due to the fact that native speakers can be located in different geographical locations.

In contrast, Chinese is only used as a mother tongue in Asian countries, unlike English, which is used as a vehicular language worldwide. On the other hand, it is worth noting that we would not be surprised if Spanish becomes the future vehicular language. This is because it is the second most spoken language and has a strong presence in Europe, America and Africa.

For the time being, it seems that English will remain the official language based on technology and communication. However, the future cannot be predicted, and this includes the evolution of languages.

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