Advertising translation services

Advertising translation services

Nowadays, a form of communication such as advertising plays a very important role in society, so advertising translation is equally as important. As we all know, advertising consists of transmitting information in order to persuade the public. One of its functions is to increase the consumption of a product or improve the image of a brand. To achieve this, a product, brand or company must be known worldwide. So they must turn to the world of advertising translation services and an agency like Translinguo Global® to gain a foothold in the international market.

What do advertising translation services consist of?

Translating advertising involves much more than a simple translation, as it must be adapted to the cultural context of each language. Not only that, but the focus is on the function of the source text. This means that the message must often be modified to convey the same feeling as the target text.

An advertising translator must have experience in localizing advertising content, as well as knowledge of that culture and language. It is advisable to have native translators for this type of translation. However, the most important thing is that the translator has a deep knowledge of the language and its culture. Translating advertising is an arduous task, as its consumption depends on the quality of the translation done by the advertising translator.

What do advertising translators translate?

Just as there are many types of advertising, translators can carry out various types of advertising translation. This depends on the assignment requested by the company or firm, as well as their specialities.

The services that an advertising translator can perform are: translation of advertisements, brochures, catalogues, web pages, slogans and mottos. They can also translate advertising campaigns, press releases, posters and even TV commercials.

As we can see, everything mentioned above involves a high level of creativity. Because advertising translators are not only specialised in advertising, but also in using their creativity to achieve effective solutions.

Examples of advertising translation services

As mentioned above, translating advertising is not an easy task and requires professional training. Therefore, companies must resort to professional advertising translation services to convey the same sensations to the target audience. On the other hand, translators must be creative enough for the advertisement to equally persuade the audience in translation. Professional translation agencies typically ensure the localization of your product or advertising text. This process can only be carried out by professional translators, especially those specialized in advertising. Below, we mention several translation agencies that meet this requirement: blarlo, ampersand, global translators, online traductores, Tradupla, among others.

As the main function of advertising is to capture the public’s attention, thanks to translation this objective can be easily achieved. In addition, by translating such advertising, your company or product can become internationalised, so that it reaches a wider audience. This increases the consumption of what is being advertised.

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