Professional Translation for Companies

Professional translation for companies

What does professional translation for companies consist of?

Professional translation mainly consists of translating business-related documentation. Typical translations required in this field include translation of commercial agreements, financial documents, insurance documents, etc. Due to globalisation, companies want to internationalise their products in order to reach a wider audience. To do so, they need the help of professional translation experts, who have extensive linguistic knowledge of the business sector.

Professional translation is another name for business translation. In fact, nowadays, corporate translation includes website translation and corporate content translation. By corporate content, we mean certain elements that represent companies on an international level. For example, subtitles of emails, blogs or newsletters are examples of corporate translation.

What types of professional translation for companies are normally carried out?

Thanks to translation services, companies can get corporate translations in their various forms. Websites and blogs are a very common type of professional translation for companies. Magazines and brochures can also be translated both online and offline, as well as books and e-books.

Translating for companies also means carrying out specialised translations, not only in the business field. Professional translators can also carry out advertising and marketing translations, as well as technical and legal translations. Of course, all at the company’s expense.

Points to keep in mind when doing professional translation for companies

Using one type of language or another is crucial for companies. Therefore, the image of the company abroad depends on it. In other words, professional translators must carry out an accurate and quality translation. In this way, the message will be perfectly conveyed to foreign clients.

Professional translation for companies requires a great deal of responsibility, as both cultural and linguistic differences must be taken into account. Thus, the internationalisation of a company will be successful. Therefore, it is important to know the values and culture of the target audience beforehand.

The help of professional translators such as those at Translinguo Global® should be sought, as a bad corporate translation can damage your image and even your business. For example, if a website is translated with an automatic translator, it may translate a sentence too literally. This can lead to offending people whose cultures are different, since the text is not culturally adapted. For this reason, corporate translations need the human factor to be accurate and translations must be of high quality.

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