A certified translation is used to attest or certify that the contents of a translation are 100% loyal to the original text.

Given that legal documents are submitted to the Authorities or official bodies of each country which may speak a different language than that of the original text, All our certified translators are approved by the Ministry.

Contact us if you need certified translation for the following documents:
traducción jurada

Civil Registry Certificates Notarial and Expert Documents

traducción jurada titulos universitarios

University Diplomas Birth, Death or Marriage Certificates Civil Status Certificate

Traduccion jurada contratos

Contracts Accounting Reports Court Rulings Visa Documentation

Examples of translations that usually require certified translation:
doble checkDelivery Conditions
doble checkAssociation Minutes
doble checkBirth Certificates
doble checkDeath Certificates
doble checkDiplomas
doble checkOfficial Reports
doble checkPayrolls
doble checkWork Contracts
doble checkPurchase Contracts
doble checkRetirement Contracts
doble checkWills and Testaments
doble checkSeizure Requests
doble checkWarranty Statements
doble checkCitations
doble checkSolvency Statements
doble checkPower of Attorney
doble checkExcerpts from the Commercial Registry
doble checkMarriage Certificates
doble checkAdoption Records
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